“As a scholar of Asian history, I’ve worked with Colleen for many years and find her editing to always be thoughtful and professional. She’s especially good at working with native Japanese speakers because she understands the nuances of both languages.”
—Dr. S. Sonoda, Professor (Modern Chinese History, Migration Studies), 
    Ritsumeikan University

“Colleen has helped me edit a special issue that was way above the required wordcount.  She artfully trimmed the texts without sacrificing nuances, and even improved some of the translations from Chinese to English.  She responded promptly to my queries and tactfully communicated with contributors.  And she did all this in a very timely manner.  It was a wonderful learning experience to work with her.” 

–Dr. Paola Iovene, Associate Professor, Chinese Literature and East Asian Languages, University of Chicago


“When working with Colleen, I was very impressed by her attention to detail, the thoroughness of her work and her ability to work across multiple languages, including Chinese and Japanese.” 

–Dr. Ghassan Moazzin, Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences and the Department of History, University of Hong Kong


“I’ve worked with Colleen for over 20 years and find she is among the best editors and writers I’ve ever known. She’s especially good at working with native Japanese translators like me, because she understands the nuances of both languages. I have always been impressed with her professional service and knowledge, and have enjoyed working with her.”

 –M. Ikuta, Professional Translator, Japan

I’ve worked with Colleen for ten years and have always found her work to be thorough and precise. I especially appreciate her multilingual skills and attention to cross-cultural nuances in her edits. I highly recommend her.”

 –Nyan-ping Bi, Principle Lecturer, Asian Languages & Literature, University of Washington